Offering  a wide range of  

      Personalized and Group Fitness Programs, Rehabilitative             Therapies Nutritional and Holistic  Health Counseling,

                           as well as  Healing Medicine.  


















Tracey      ~Simrit Prem Kaur ~

Reiki  Master ,Healer, Personal Trainer
 Yoga, Shamanic  and Integrative Health Practitioner
Mom & Mana 
Back Massage

april offerings



Massage, tuning forks, Accu- points. Reiki .The feet are key !  We have had breakthroughs with Neuropathy, pain, plantar fascia!

Our feet are emerging. from winter, and need special care as spring comes . 

Book a 30 min. session




Our bodies

are always speaking



With Gentle Touch, Reiki


,and assessments in how


your body moves and


performs, we  will


discover just how


to support and strengthen


, and deeply heal.


Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 certification is the intro to remembering your connection as a being of energy and vibration and light ! 

Reiki 111 in May is an immersion into healing and mastery of ones self and destiny 



Circles &

Sound Healings

As the days become longer and brighter and warmer , drum circles on the beach are amazing!  Sound Healings every new moon and full moon help us to deepen our awarenesses , return to ritual, and truly heal .



~Metta is loving kindness, goodwill, and wish for happiness and the right

to be for all living beings ~ Mettaphysicalwizdom is honoring

 our physical body in such a way to support , allow, accept;  effect changes and discover , while bringing deeper awareness and understanding to the greater workings and beings of living and thriving . 

Roots, Hearts, Minds and Spirit.        

 This is the way.  

 Welcome !