"One must be anchored in the body to soar great skies of enchanted living and deep healing . The balance of Head , Heart , and Gut brains is imperative in attaining a true sense of self , and moving forward on ones path of mastery and destiny . "  T Crowe


                     Over the span of years, I have learned to take my own chattering mind out of the equation , and oh such a chattering mind I have had!  Through all my experiences and trainings in different modalities, I feel that peeling away layers and roles and beliefs, to remember and discover  innate gifts  is what is key . A lifetime of learning and open to still always always learning . Trained and attuned by many amazing masters and teachers - from the mountains of Peru, To Kripalu; from West Coast  to the shores of  Cape  Cod and many vistas in between,  I am in awe of the workings of the universe , and in reverence and joy to bring others to greater awareness and understanding .   

Of all this , my number one learning venue has been being the mother of 4 kids and beautiful beings!  - Mostly single handedly raising eagles is an amazing learning, fulfilling, challenging and amazing journey !!








 * Personal Training

sessions always begin with where you are. We address pain, alignment, postural, as wel as emotional sabotagers, and discover your own unique strengths and gifts, through Weight training, Circuits, Pilates, Yoga, Dance. Nutrition, Creating new habits and moving into our most inspired self, is much of our focus as well.

* Bodywork, Massage

 our bodies speak . they are constantly in mantra . Listening to your body, I use a variety of techniques to bring ease , nourishment , pain free living .  Accupressure and trigger points, Following the meridian pathways to blocked Chi/ energy , releasing knots and easing pain to restore healthy tissue and fascia .  


 * Soma  Dance / Shamanic Dance Journey

 we invite the dancer, the explorer, the inner wisdom of our moving, breathing selves to simply tune in to rhythms of primal language: 



 * Reiki Healing sessions  & reiki classes , attunements & Certifications

 there is a letting go and allowing healing to occur and I am in awe and humbled by every session. 

I am a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition . 

I train and teach reiki classes ,  attune and mentor shoden, okuden, shinpiden level 3 and 4 

 * Shamanic healing/ Curanderismo

Pla'ticas and Limpias,  finding middle ground ; deep healings 

 ancient practices  of  medicine .Connecting, Release , Retrieval,


I have learned  and been initiated  from Native American teachers here on the East coast , as well as in the west ,  Mexico  and  from Peruvian Shamans in South America . 

  * Sound Healing 


our bodies resonate and are uplifted , changed and awakened by sound . Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Crystal Pyramids, chimes, drums, and channeled song become a symphony for deep deep healing , beyond what our minds can even understand . Change on a cellular level .  Deep release and joy . 

*  Intuitive Healing Session 

 channeled messages, energy flow , balancing , chakra balancing , crystal healings, practical skills in medicine and bodywork , and whatever is needed in such a session for you to begin your journey. 


   * When you come for a session, we integrate many different modalities of  healing,                                                    fitness,wellness and spirituality.