Tracey      ~Simrit Prem Kaur ~

Reiki  Master ,Healer, Personal Trainer, Bodywork Specialist 
 Yoga, Shamanic  and Integrative Health Practitioner
Mom & Mana 


                                   Offering  a wide range of  

      Personalized and Group Fitness Programs, Rehabilitative             Therapies Nutritional and Holistic  Health Counseling,

                           as well as  Healing Medicine.  


















Back Massage




Massage, tuning forks, Accu- points. Reiki .The feet are key !  We have had breakthroughs with Neuropathy, pain, plantar fascia!

Our feet are emerging. from winter, and need special care as spring comes . 

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Our bodies are always speaking
With Gentle Touch, Reiki
 ,and assessments in how
 your body moves and
 performs, we  will
 discover just how
 to support and strengthen
 , and deeply heal.
personal training takes you to the next level of your best self ! 
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Reiki Classes
Reiki 1 certification is the intro to remembering your connection as a being of energy and vibration and light ! 
Reiki 11 is the next level , moving deeper into sharing the gifts of healing.

Reiki 111  is an immersion into healing and mastery of ones self and destiny Reiki Master Teacher is Level 1V, and one is given the sacred attunement ways .   


Circles &

Sound Healings

As the days become longer and brighter and warmer , drum circles on the beach are amazing!  Sound Healings every new moon and full moon help us to deepen our awarenesses , return to ritual, and truly heal .

~Metta is loving kindness, goodwill, and wish for happiness and the right

to be for all living beings ~ Mettaphysicalwizdom is honoring
 our physical body in such a way to support , allow, accept;  effect changes and discover , while bringing deeper awareness and understanding to the greater workings and beings of living and thriving . 
Roots, Hearts, Minds and Spirit.        
 This is the way.  
 Welcome !