Eagle Condor

So, I had a condor feather from Peru, and oh this feather was / is just amazing. Very powerful energy. I would only use it every so often in a healing session. I had a picture of an eagle on the wall of my studio, and have been often drawn to eagles. For many years , since I read and researched the prophecy, I had asked the universe for an eagle feather. Would it not be so great to have both! WEll, in my mind I thought perhaps I would acquire one somehow, but aha the universe works in mysterious ways, and one day, one of my clients walked in with two eagle feathers given to him by a man who had learned from Black Elk. Ok wow.

So, needless to say, we, he and I, and the feathers, became more than client/ healer. We began to sit with the feathers, meditate, and be open to what ever came to be.

WE could feel a thickness, a powerful energy stir, and so, each Sunday, we began to meet for healing ceremonies- the feathers joined in a bowl.

Condor and Eagle.

WE would send healing, and recieve healing.

There were no fireworks or crazy happenings- well, depends on how you define crazy happenings I guess!

And then , as life would have it, we both became too busy, and the feathers stayed togther in a bowl, hanging out, for weeks- mostly all by themselves.

He and I do not see each other often, but correspond via text, and in the beginning days of the joining of the feathers, we were being blown away by the feelings of an energy vortex- even if neither of us were even in the same building as the feathers.

Through the period of " too busy for feather ceremonies " we felt nothing, All quiet on the feather front. hmmmmm

Last Sunday, we got together, as timing was right, and sat for awhile, kind of smiling at the fact that we have no idea what is going on with these feathers, but there definitely is something....

We had apowerful helaing ceremony that Sunday, with many energies and blessings.

WE wonder if this is happening anywhere else.....

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