Eagle Condor Ceremony

The Condor and Eagle feathers had not been " hanging ot" for awhile. The two Eagle feathers were traveling with David and The Condor feather hung out in my healing room. { David is my client turned Eagle/ Condor healer, who brought the eagle feathers one day to a session} David and I went about our everyday lives, which did not cross in any way, and we were not in contact, { on the physical plane anyway}

I came across a post about the children trying to escape horrors in Honduras, etc, and crossing USA borders and was greatly disturbed and then joined a group called Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederation which is having ahuge gathering in 2015.

" we need to talk " I texted David.

And so, yesterday, we met at the studio, he with the two eagle feathers and a drum from the west. I had the condor feather, ratlles from Peru, and my shamanic journey stones and crystals .

We drummed, rattled, prayed. The feathers danced. Invoked our guides , angles, and spirits of ancestors. Four directions.

I am sharing this - I most often will not share ceremony- because I storngly feel it is important for all of us to tune into the " bigger " picture.

We CAN affect change through ceremony and prayer.

It was a powerful day indeed,

and we practically giggled like 6 year olds afterwards, as we wondered whether we had tappe dinto the most amazing experience on the planet and universe, or if we were insane.

Either way,

Shift is happening!


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