Soulful Sunday prayers and love.

I remember when my kids were teenagers, there would sometimes be a conflict of perspective on the matter of dress and behavior. More than once, I would hear myself saying , in response to one of them coming down the stairs in an outfit that was, well, not acceptable according to the "laws of mom", um.. are you wearing that to school?

There was always a negotiation, as they most often do not just take my opinion and act on it but instead question me. Yes, I have encouraged this, I admit !

It was always the same, as I would come out with my final answer :

" Im not saying the outfit isn't great - it is a perfect expression of you . But when you go anywhere, you are not only making a statement about yourself, you are representing this family . Unfortunately or not, first impressions happen, even before you say a word or do a thing ......" etc.

This is of course true for all of us , in some way or another , and today, as I take a break from writing the Masjah newsletter and sit on my deck, in sunshine, my heart opens to our commonalty . our collective consciousness as humans, as living beings. Two robins hop about the yard near me, and a variety of birds sing and chip and dance about . I am so grateful .

and so it is through these early morning experiences, that I am compelled to write here.

Just as we all make a statement , and " represent" when we go anywhere, so does the president of the United States, and those around him . Now on his first official trip overseas, beginning with meetings in Saudi Arabia, he is whether we like it or not , representing our country . And us. And even the two robins that dance about on my lawn.

On this Sunday, and days to come, in a climate of things that most feel there is nothing we can do to affect change , let us do something . Something Radical . Something that goes against our propensity to immerse in news articles and discussions : to hold on to our very precious views of things .

Because there is something you can do .

First, just get off your computers and televisions and put down newspapers ... after you read this of course ! haha

Breathe, Go outside if possible . if not , find a peaceful space . feel the peaceful space within you . its there.

Let go for just a moment even , fears. thoughts about climate change, and dishonor and hating stuff and wondering . let go of your opinions . just for a moment . our opinions are important , and we are indeed justified in our knowings of things. but for this , for this powerful , radical action of change , let go.

and pray. or visualize. or send light, be light, be love, send love - whatever it is you do in your sacred , not scared , moments.

and whatever has occurred , is occurring , will occur , doesn't matter in this moment as much as THIS MOMENT .

and in this moment,

do , be, feel, send, pray for peace . for love, for opening the heart light, the soul light of the president of the united states of america , and all leaders of all countries , and all those around them .

go to the heart , not the press. go to the soul, not your ideas about discord and what is right and what is wrong and what is horrible or what is great .

we all are being represented in foreign countries right now , whatever that means, whatever we feel about it , let us stand up for unity, for earth, for peace, by being that. without ideas or concepts .

impossible? I AM POSSIBLE is the statement being made now. If this is not coming from heart space, sacred space, "I am " { true, identity beyond identity or expression in this life } presence , then the I am Possible can be oh too similar to a teen coming down the stairs in an outrageous outfit. We can fight that, we can bash and fear and control, but in the end, that teen may just stuff a backpack with the outfit and change in the school restroom . We do not rule the world. Even the leaders who think they do , do not .

Love does.

But we must tap in , tune out and believe in it . Because if we don't, who will?

Blessings on this day , and always .


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